To God the Father who, from eternity, set his love upon, and chose, a people for his own possession, planning their redemption and their adoption into his family, so that they should be holy and faultless in his sight, and be for ever the objects of his grace and favour ;

To God the Son, Jesus, the Christ who, in obedience to, and in fulfilment of, the Father’s plan has, by his incarnation, life, sacrificial death, resurrection and ascension, fully satisfied the righteous demands of God’s justice, removed his anger, and so secured, infallibly, the salvation of these chosen people ;

To God the Holy Spirit who, within the framework of time, applies the work of Christ to these chosen people, regenerating, calling, indwelling, sanctifying, encouraging, sealing, and preserving them, thus guaranteeing that not one of them will fail to reach the Father’s home ;

To the eternal Yahweh almighty, this Triune God of the Covenant of Grace, be all honour, glory, praise and thanksgiving from his blessed and privileged people.

by John RK Savage