Been long and interesting the years run as fast and the days fly up high moments turn into eye blinks and memories listed down.
Has been a good year for me serving in the new home which now becomes hard to leave having fallen in so well and blended with everyone the bonds and relations has been so much that it even becomes hard to think who will be the most missed and what was the best thing.
Came to Norcot and England not knowing where next and what to start from but just as the bible reminds us we are in His cover for those who trust and believe in Him He orders our steps if we rely on him. Offers protection guidance and we belong to His eternal family when we accept he died for us, set us free, protect and took our burdens and sins away.
Little could be said about individual achievements and much can also be said about what happens.
But only the immeasurable incomparable and unquantifiable bits and pieces put together but not as an individual or a human but God who ensures things are in place even before we know what next.
My time and opportunity of service at my new home has been a whole year now moving the next level. God helped me through, my question to the reader WHO GUIDES YOU (by Sam Olunga 7/8/2012)